We do many things apart from tourism!

Hanuman Films

Hanuman Films has worked on more than 100 shoots over the past decade ranging from Cambodia and Vietnam to Thailand and Indonesia. Hanuman has extensive experience on international feature films, including Hollywood epics like Tomb Raider and Two Brothers through to leading television shows such as Top Gear and Locked Up Abroad. Hanuman also produces its own feature films, including special Orizzonti prize-winning Ruin in 2013 and The Last Reel in 2014, which won Director Sotho Kulikar the Spirit of Asia Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Montra Nivesha, Angkor's Boutique Residence

Immerse yourself in the culture of Cambodia with a stay at our beautiful home, located midway between iconic Angkor Wat and popular Pub st. Paying homage to the artistry of the ancient Khmer empire, Montra Nivesha is the perfect retreat after exploring the temples, a hidden corner of heaven on earth. Montra Nivesha is the most authentically Cambodian of all the boutique hotels in Siem Reap, with beautiful art and collectables from around the region adorning the walls, a traditional menu of classical Khmer cuisine and a spa that uses traditional Cambodian herbs, rubs and scrubs in its relaxing or invigorating therapies.