Discover what clients love about travelling with Hanuman in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. These are real guests who have travelled through the region with Hanuman recently, as have thousands of happy travellers who've passed through Southeast Asia with us in the last 25 years.

Stacy (USA) - Aug 2019

Loeum Noy our guide, exceeded all expectations, he was great, very informative and helpful. We would recommend him, he went above & beyond.

Christina (USA) - Aug 2019

Thol Rithy our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about his work and history. We thank him for his welcome, hospitality and sharing his stories.

The Bourne family (UK) - July 2019

We had a wonderful family holiday in Cambodia… we would recommend Cambodia as a fabulous destination for families. Solin – super guide, excellent for families, kept us super happy discovering the beautiful country that is Cambodia! She provided excellent guiding, her knowledge was amazing, she helped us cope with the heat and also gave us an insight into modern-day Cambodia – she was the highlight of our trip! Her guiding at the temples was excellent, avoiding the crowds, enthralling us with the stories behind the carvings and ensuring our visit was a truly memorable experience.

Siobhan (UK) - July 2019

This trip has surpassed our expectations! It has been the trip of a lifetime! Our guides – Rithy was amazing in Siem Reap and Un Nara, in Phnom Penh, was absolutely lovely and outstanding! All of our trips were brilliant!

Evan (UK) - July 2019

Yin Bunthinh went out of his way to ensure we got everything possible out of our stay in Siem Reap. We have nothing but praise for our guide.

Sara (UK) - July 2019

Sophoan is a brilliant, most thoughtful, caring and respectful guide. She has truly given me a sense of peace and wonder of Cambodian life and the surroundings, which will stay with me. Her insights and informed view exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.

Marjorie (USA) - June 2019

Guide Rithy was great. His knowledge and very professional demeanour really made for a wonderful experience. Our biking experience was a lot of fun and a great way to see the temples and countryside.

Penelope & Stuart (USA) - June 2019

Guide Chhim Sopheap went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. He knew his subjects well and was passionate about them. Very good indeed, and in driver Pheab, we always felt relaxed and in good hands.

Thomas (USA) - June 2019

Our guide Rithy is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He is also very helpful and catered for our needs. He has been our best guide ever!

Jackson (USA) - May 2019

Guide Mao Chandara is delightful and the perfect Siem Reap ambassador for our first trip to Cambodia. 100% we will definitely return and work with Hanuman!

Rachel (USA) - May 2019

Guide Darapolrith went above and beyond with his time, consideration and knowledge – 5* guiding! Getting to Pre Rup early and his knowledge made it very memorable. Our driver, Sypha, was amazing and his English was excellent!

Patrick (USA) - May 2019

It was all incredible. Our guide Tep Praseth was amazing! Very knowledgeable and a good sense of humour too. He was very informed on when to arrive at the temples to avoid the crowds, which we appreciated.

Andrew (UK) - May 2019

Solin is an incredible tour guide – great English, highly educated, sensitive to our needs and able to portray what it means to be Cambodian. Please use her as often as you can! She is amazing!

Courtney (USA) – May 2019

We had a wonderful time. Guide Tep Praseth was exceptional. Outstanding service and wonderful insights on Cambodian history and culture. Praseth and driver Vynara are the best! Our tour of Siem Reap on a vespa at night was one of the most fun activities I have ever experienced.

Nikhil & Sarah (UK) – May 2019

Loved every minute of it, would highly recommend, 100%. Our guide, Rin Nom has been the best guide of our whole trip, including Vietnam. Excellent in every respect.

Sarah (UK) - April 2019

I would like to take Tep Praseth - our guide - on every holiday! He is so good at his job! Amazing – the best guide we have ever had. I would recommend him to everyone – he made our visit wonderful.

Stephanie (UK) – April 2019

Thank you for giving us the best experience of your beautiful country. The guide, Rithy was wonderful, really cared about his country and our experience. He even collected rubbish we came across as we walked around. Excellent.

Colleen (USA) – April 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and a big part of it was due to the excellent guide we had, Rin Nom. He went above and beyond for us in everything – a real pleasure. I ended up in hospital unexpectedly and Nom was excellent in waiting and assisting us in this emergency.

Jonathan & Natasha (UK) - April 2019

Guide Rithy was excellent – he was lovely, kind and patient with us! We had a wonderful time – Thank You!

Bev & Pete (UK) – April 2019

Our guide Rithy was excellent. Very knowledgeable, kind and patient, We would recommend him to any visitor to Cambodia.

Nicola (UK) – April 2019

Our guide, Koy Sorya, was really passionate and knowledgeable about Cambodia and its history. Extremely aware of our needs and willing to arrange anything for our trip to be successful. An excellent asset to your company! He was amazing. Please be aware of what a great member of staff you have in Sorya!

Julie (UK) – April 2019

We had a wonderful time in Cambodia. We were very well looked after and the sites were amazing. We will come back again. We had Solin as our guide and she was very knowledgeable and her English was impeccable. Excellent.

Terence & Alison (UK) – April 2019

Our guide Von Syden was excellent – very calm, peaceful, respectful and very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him, and our driver Sokna.

Randy & Deb (USA) – April 2019

We loved our guide Solin and would recommend her to everyone we know! If we return, we will request her again! She was one of the best guides we have ever had in the world!

Greg (UK) - April 2019

Guide (Pheakdey) and driver (Ran) were both really good and helpful. Would recommend to anyone. The whole experience was excellent and we will definitely be returning in the future. Our guide was knowledgeable and experienced and friendly.

Robinson Family (UK) – April 2019

Sothy went beyond our expectations and his knowledge was excellent. It was really interesting to hear his personal stories and experiences.

Janet & Mel (UK) – March 2019

Fila Heng was exceptional in every respect. Nothing was too much trouble. He was completely attentive to our needs or requests and encouraged us to taste many different kinds of food, which he bought for us to try. His enthusiasm and knowledge brought the Cambodian culture to life for us and he is a great ambassador for his country. It has been an experience we shall never forget.

Amber (UK) - March 2019

Sophoan was very knowledgeable and helpful. A great guide –would recommend!

Sharon (UK) – March 2019

Khemrin was very helpful and organised a dinner with dance for us. We enjoyed his stories of village life now and 25 years ago. He was able to tell us so much about life in Cambodia. All very interesting. A wonderful itinerary.

Rodney (UK) – March 2019

A wonderful time with a brilliant guide and excellent driver. Our guide Solin was very knowledgeable and friendly, her sunrise suggestions were most helpful.

Linda (USA) – March 2019

Chanbora was above expectations, he kept us informed, safe and his sense of humour was a great extra. He made this trip a learning experience. Everything was outstanding. We will be back.

James & Mary (USA) – March 2019

Our guide Polrith was wonderful and knowledgeable, helpful and a good sense of humour. Excellent ++ I would encourage everyone to ask for Paul and our driver (Rith).

Katherine (UK) – March 2019

Our guides James and Sean enhanced our experience, bringing things to life through their stories – the passion and expertise was evident all the time. A wonderful introduction to Cambodia.

David & Judith (UK) – March 2019

Meas was intelligent, charming and helpful. We were impressed by his sympathy for his fellow Cambodians.

Cynthia (USA) – March 2019

Meas was terrific, was willing to explore and teach. Great suggestions for sunrise, other things to explore, where to eat – I’m looking forward to coming back for more.

Michael (UK) - March 2019

Khemrin was excellent in all aspects. Informative, helpful and easy to get along with. Over 4 days we got to know him very well and were pleased we had such a pleasant and knowledgeable guide. We enjoyed his company very much. Our magical trip was brought to life for us by Khemrin and Sokna, our driver, who are both a great asset to your country and organisation.

Duane (USA) – Mar 2019

My guide Solin was an exceptional guide, so precious, so friendly, nice, and so good at English. We would and will recommend this trip to everyone.

Jillian (USA) – March 2019

Nom was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Both guide and driver were superb – would highly recommend to friends and family, and would come back again.

John (UK) – March 2019

Sopheap brought all sights to life with his fantastic knowledge. Excellent is all aspects.

Sally & Rob (UK) – March 2019

Rithy was very accommodating and a joy to be with. An exceptional guide who went above and beyond to make our experience special. His knowledge was very good and he worked so hard to make everything special. An experience we will never forget.

Chris (UK) – March 2019

Praseth was excellent, had a great sense of humour and spoke superb English, very helpful too.

Ken (USA) – March 2019

Sopheap was the best tour guide on our 3-week trip – he was the best!

Mike & Anna (UK) – March 2019

Khemrin was absolutely superb. I can’t praise him enough. We learnt so much from him, he was so thoughtful and professional. A thoroughly nice human being and the best guide we have ever had anywhere. A credit to Cambodia.

William (USA) – March 2019

Sopheap went out of his way for me. He really helped me when I was exhausted. A wonderful man.

Roy & Janet (USA) – March 2019

Solin was very knowledgeable, helpful, interesting and fun. Excellent +++ Very helpful too in suggesting restaurants for lunch and dinner.

Richard (UK) – March 2019

Noy was a very good guide, knowledgeable and charming, with excellent service. A credit to any country.

Sian (UK) – March 2019

Solin and our driver (Sor) were wonderful. We loved Solin who was informative, relaxed and very intuitive about our needs – she recommended good restaurants and specific dishes which we loved!

John & Jane (UK) - March 2019

Our best guide was Sopheap....we got in early through the back entrance to Ta Prohm....we had the whole place to ourselves, it was magical. Our son visited Ta Prohm 7 years ago and Sopheap made sure we found a particular tree and took similar photos that our son had taken. Very special.

Steve & Karen (USA) - March 2019

Sopheap was incredible, smart, dedicated, a hard worker and above all, created some unique and profoundly moving experiences - the best tour guide of our whole trip.

Maud (UK) – Feb 2019

Our guide Reya was excellent, very helpful and very knowledgeable.

Duane (USA) – Mar 2019

My guide Solin was an exceptional guide, so precious, so friendly, nice, and so good at English. We would and will recommend this trip to everyone.

Robert (USA) – Feb 2019

We were very happy with our guide, Sa Em. He was wonderful, articulate with broad knowledge.

Jane (UK) – Jan 2019

Prom Daream was really excellent. An outstanding tour guide, he did very well.

Paul & Steven (UK) – Jan 2019

Chhunly has been highly professional, keen and enthusiastic. We would recommend him very much. He was very interesting, polite and funny too.

Peter (UK) – Dec 2018

Mariya our guide was excellent, she was thoughtful and had sophisticated language skills. A wonderful lifetime experience.

Ruth (UK) – Dec 2018

Both of our guides Sothy and Pheakdey (and our drivers) had their own personalities and characteristics, and we really enjoyed their professionalism, friendliness and expert knowledge.

Alison (UK) – Nov 2018

A thrilling cultural experience for us all. We wanted the holiday of a lifetime and we got it. Praseth in Siem Reap was excellent, made us feel so welcome and made our stay really special.

Holly & Steve, Suzanne & David (USA) - Dec 2018

Bunthinh (guide) - your knowledge of Cambodia history and culture are remarkable. We appreciated your warm, caring spirit. You took care of us in so many ways. Most amazing was your sense of timing and ability to lead us gently to the most beautiful photo spots and the best sunrises and sunsets.

Ineshan (South Africa) - Nov 2018

Your guides (Sareth & Phallin) are a true asset to the company. They made our trip memorable. They made us feel very special. Thank you so much for one of the best holidays we have ever had.

Sally (UK) – Oct 2018

Both Panha and Sothy, our guides, were excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and they went out of their way to ensure we enjoyed our visit to Cambodia.

Doug (USA) – Oct 2018

Polrith went above and beyond to make our trip a great experience. Our driver Sypha was so patient, polite and very safe driving skills.