Discover what clients love about travelling with Hanuman in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. These are real guests who have travelled through the region with Hanuman recently, as have thousands of happy travellers who've passed through Southeast Asia with us in the last 25 years.

Robert (UK) - March 2020

Chhen Darith our guide in Phnom Penh was fantastic. He was very kind and helpful and both he, and Dara Polrith in Siem Reap, are a credit to your company. We will recommend Hanuman to our friends, as the service we received throughout our visit was excellent.

Joanna (UK) - March 2020

Ms Kat Thida was superb throughout our tour with her. Thank you Thida so much.

Joy (UK) - March 2020

Thank you for such a marvellous experience in Cambodia. We enjoyed lovely Khmer food everywhere we went. Pov Borey was excellent with his guiding around such an interesting city and sights.

Marc (Canada) - Mar 2020

Our guides were great, especially Ms Thach Kimlieng in Phnom Penh. She was excellent, informative, helpful and very caring and kind to our family. This was really appreciated.

Shail (UK) - Feb 2019

Aing Solin was everything we hoped for in a guide. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. She did really well to be so flexible to our needs given we were travelling with two kids. A wonderful trip.

Joanne (UK) - Feb 2020

We will definitely recommend to all as the country and the people were beautiful and caring. Both our guides, Kin Thida (P/Penh) and Chap Soriya (S/Reap) were very well organised, thorough, enthusiastic, passionate and extremely helpful. Everything was excellent.

Janice (UK) - Feb 2020

The tour guide Phe Try was excellent in every respect. His recommendation of the dance show was very much appreciated. We found all Cambodians were so helpful and always smiling and happy.

Sandra (UK) - Feb 2020

We had a great experience that we will always remember. Dara Polrith was great, very knowledgeable and told us many excellent stories! His knowledge of the temples was second-to-none. Everything worked like clockwork too.

Nicholas & Georgina (UK) - Feb 2020

We will definitely come again, and for longer next time! Our guide Heng Chaosay couldn't have been any more helpful or tell us enough information about what we were seeing and experiencing. Excellent throughout.

Charles & Sarah (USA) - Jan 2020

Our guide in Siem Reap, Ouk Dinaka, was simply wonderful and very knowledgeable. An excellent guide.

Judith (UK) - Jan 2020

Yin Bunthinh was particularly knowledgeable and helpful throughout our time, making many suggestions to enhance our enjoyment. Enabled us to feel we know a lot about the people of Cambodia, their lives and their hopes for the future.

Janet (USA) - Feb 2020

Our guide, Aing Solin, was very knowledgeable and accommodating. She rearranged our itinerary so we would be able to see everything without enduring the heat and humidity! The sunrise at Angkor Wat was spectacular! With our last minute request, Solin was able to arrange a great dinner and dance show which was wonderful and very entertaining. Our VIP service included a front and center table and door to door transport. We were impressed by her enthusiasm and love for her job, as well as her knowledge of her country and patience for all our questions.

Katherine (UK) - Jan 2020

Your guides are an absolute asset – they really show you the beauty of Cambodia and were so open and friendly. They have made the trip for us. Both Thol Rithy (Siem Reap) and Pa Sophea (Phnom Penh) were amazing! They made us fall in love with this beautiful country!

Bards family (Sweden) - Jan 2020

Thol Rithy was an excellent guide, knowledgeable, service-minded and humble. We learnt a lot about Buddhism and Hindu gods from him. He is also a great soccer player!

Judith (UK) - Jan 2020

We will recommend and will return. Im Kunthea made our trip to Cambodia, he was helpful and friendly and a nice person to spend time with.

Richard (USA) - Jan 2020

Aing Solin is the best. We felt immediately comfortable in her capable hands. She is highly recommended for anyone wanting a personalised experience. An excellent ambassador for Cambodia – she introduced us to the land, the culture and the people in a memorable way that will stay in our hearts.

Reena (UK) - Jan 2020

Chhong Chan was excellent, a wonderful guide who made our trip really special. She is great!

Debbie (UK) - Jan 2020

100% - we will definitely be coming back. James Rathana was a very well-informed, friendly and engaging guide and very good to be with. He went beyond the requirements of the trip.

Carl (UK) - Jan 2020

Chen Rasmey was friendly and professional. An excellent guide with extensive history and knowledge. He was flexible with our itinerary and attentive to our needs.

Elena (Italy) - Jan 2020

Un Nara is very special, kind and authentic. She made us want to come back. Her company has been a great experience of this trip. It was unique and warmed our hearts. We love Cambodia!

John (UK) - Jan 2020

Meas Maden is a great credit and asset to the company. I hope he is recognised for his knowledge and attention to detail. Far beyond expectations. His recommendations were excellent.

Todd & Colleen (USA) - Dec 2019

Aing Solin felt like an old friend. She was amazing. She made wonderful suggestions to our itinerary, she was knowledgeable but more importantly it is obvious she enjoys her work. She was un to be around too.

Edward (USA) - Dec 2019

Ouk Dinaka was very knowledgeable and pleasant to be around. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Anne Marie (UK) - Dec 2019

Un Sochea – we were lucky to have him – he was excellent, very professional and knowledgeable. He led by example and demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm for Cambodia and its heritage. Cambodia exceeded our expectations.

Charles (UK) - Dec 2019

James Rathana was an excellent guide, nothing was too much trouble. He was very knowledgeable, very helpful and did everything he could to give us a great experience.

Brian (USA) - Dec 2019

Chey Sophea was amazing, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Answered every question we had – and we had many! He knew so many facts and told great history stories. He was a pleasure – I would definitely recommend him. He was so helpful to my mother – she was unable to climb some of the stairs.

Neil (USA) - Dec 2019

I just want to thank Chim Sopheap – he was the best! I’ve had many guides in the world, he was the best I’ve had! He spoke beautifully, he knew everything, kind and flexible – especially cared for our kids.

Lillian (USA) - Dec 2019

James Rathana made our trip! He is professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant and accommodating to our needs.

Louise (UK) - Dec 2019

Ouk Dinaka was a fantastic guide – professional and personable. An excellent job, we felt very comfortable with her, very knowledgeable and skilled at her job. We enjoyed our trip – made extra special by our guide.

Sally (USA) - Dec 2019

Chim Sopheap was outstanding, very patient and great with his explanations. Thoroughly enjoyed our trip – we hope to return.

Janet (USA) - Dec 2019

Im Kunthea was a wonderful guide and went above and beyond. He was exceptional.

Jim & Family (UK) - Dec 2019

To Thol Rithy – Thank you for showing us the beauty, spirituality and kindness of the Cambodian people. They are the country’s greatest asset. With Rithy we felt we really experienced the inside track and places that most people don’t see.

Jacqueline (UK) - Dec 2019

Yin Bunthinh was excellent, knowledgeable and very good company. His English was very good. I cannot recommend him highly enough. We loved our 2 days of touring with him and all the knowledge he shared. At the temples he knew exactly where to go for the best views, away from the crowds and he takes the best photos!

Julie (UK) - Dec 2019

Yin Bunthinh was simply an awesome guide. Friendly, knowledgeable and exceptional language skills – we saw and learnt so much. Big Thanks!

Anna (USA) - Dec 2019

Excellent! Bou Pheakdey was knowledgeable and insightful. We very much enjoyed learning from him. The genocidal history was especially moving.

Julie (UK) - Dec 2019

Chhin Chhunly was so knowledgeable and keen to share his knowledge, which he did really well. We learnt so much. First-rate trip and our guide and driver made it extremely enjoyable.

Carol (UK) - Dec 2019

Chim Sopheap was above and beyond our expectations, as well as being delightful and interesting company. The whole cultural experience of Siem Reap was fascinating and something we will remember for a long time.

Rachel (USA) - Dec 2019

Sanh Sophoan was incredible! I would encourage everyone to come here – absolutely!

Michael (UK) - Dec 2019

Both Chhin Chhunly (P/Penh) and Chhey Sophea (S/Reap) were excellent, very helpful, knowledgeable and good company. They made our holiday special!

Greg & Party (USA) - Dec 2019

Heng Chao Say did an excellent job guiding us around Siem Reap & Angkor. We appreciate how considerate and how knowledgeable and enthusiastic he was in helping us understand Angkor and Khmer culture. We could not be more pleased!

Richard (USA) - Nov 2019

Voeurn Sorm was very personable, helpful and knowledgeable. He really looked after us. Flexible to our requests - we highly recommend him. Awesome.

Katherine (USA) - Dec 2019

Sambo Panha was terrific. Very knowledgeable and helpful. We learned so much! Really enjoyed all activities – it was very educational thanks to Panha’s expertise and openness.

Julia (UK) - Nov 2019

We could not have wished for a better tour guide than Chhong Chan. She was extremely knowledgeable and very kind. She did not panic when faced with difficult circumstances. We cannot thank her enough – she made our trip to Cambodia very special. Chan was fantastic - having suffered an injury, she was very professional and provided great assistance and support.

Keith (USA) - Nov 2019

Im Hen was fabulous – she was an excellent guide, very attentive, extremely knowledgeable and great customer service skills.

Kathleen (UK) - Nov 2019

Voeurn Sorm was above what we expected – a read credit to the company. Could not have wished for anyone better. Our best-ever holiday!

Thalia (UK) - Nov 2019

Dara Polrith was great fun and engaging. We really appreciated him and everyone who helped make Cambodia so special.

Margaret (UK) - Nov 2019

Seng Dalign has been attentive, highly informative and friendly. Personal stories from his enhanced our experience. Excellent.

Jonathan & Elizabeth (UK) - Nov 2019

Un Sochea was a wonderful guide. And a remarkable and inspiring man. We learnt so much from him and our visit was so much enhanced because of him. We hope to return.

Karen (USA) - Nov 2019

Pheng Sophan’s English was excellent, so was his extensive knowledge of Cambodia’s history. He was such a good guide, I felt we saw so much of the best of Phnom Penh. He made our Cambodian experience outstanding.

Dominic (UK) - Nov 2019

Chhong Chan was fantastic, very knowledgeable and was able to answer every question we had, and took us to the best spots where it was less busy. We loved the cycling tour. We had a great experience – special thank you to Chan for taking all of our brilliant pictures, which we will treasure forever! We will recommend Cambodia to everyone.

Suzy (USA) - Nov 2019

Nhek Bunnara is a fantastic guide! We loved him. So nice and helpful, very knowledgeable and we learned so much about Cambodia. Thank you for making our stay so wonderful!

Andrew (UK) - Nov 2019

Khiev Seavathdy was awesome and made our trip! Excellent in all aspects, we wish she was with us the entire time!

Susy (USA) - Nov 2019

Both our guides – Aing Solin in Siem Reap and Un Nara in Phnom Penh – made this an unforgettable experience and made us feel like royalty. I recommend them to anybody coming to Cambodia. I have fallen in love with Cambodia, her people and the sights. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Peter (UK) - Nov 2019

Nothing was too much trouble for Pheng Sophan – he was superb and went out of his way to be helpful.

Stephen (UK) - Nov 2019

Un Nara was the best guide by far, helpful and 100% commitment. The best language skills too.

Keith (UK) - Nov 2019

Chim Sopheap – what an excellent guide. A delight to be with and so adaptable to our requests. Excellent flexibility, timing, courtesy, knowledge and excellent English. He is a fantastic ambassador for Cambodia. He is also a very nice guy! We couldn’t recommend this trip more strongly.

Serena (UK) - Nov 2019

Sanh Sophoan was beyond wonderful – she made our trip very special. We loved it all – our guide & driver made this a very special trip for us.

Fred & Darlene (USA) - Nov 2019

Thol Rithy is a superb guide. Not only was Rithy and exemplary and knowledgeable guide, with an ability to communicate, he is also thoughtful, generous and compassionate. A beautiful soul – the best guide we have ever had!

Ashakira (USA) - Nov 2019

In Khemrin was beyond exceeding our expectations. Very attentive and pleasant. Very passionate about what he’s doing.

Andy (UK) - Oct 2019

Just a brilliant trip! Both guides, Chhen Darith and Yin Bunthinh were terrific and very helpful, as well as superbly informed, friendly and deserve a bonus! So glad I drove to Siem Reap – the countryside was fabulous and so green. The trip was like a jolly boys road trip!

Emily (UK) - Oct 2019

Dara Polrith was amazing throughout – very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny and great company. He is fantastic!

Marla (USA) - Oct 2019

Tep Praseth is an excellent guide. Personable, good sense of humour. Highly recommended. He went out of his way to assist us. A wonderful trip!

Samantha (UK) - Oct 2019

Un Sochea is a credit to his country. We have had an incredible, honest and authentic experience and can’t thank him enough for being so accommodating and helpful. He made our days interesting and personal, and sharing his own experiences was so unique.

Foteini (Greece) - Oct 2019

Pheat Sinath was amazing. Made me feel like I was visiting a friend of family member. We had wonderful conversations and made me feel so welcome. He is a great example to all guides. His humility and authenticity made a difference – as he introduced me to local life and traditions.

Karen (UK) - Oct 2019

Rin Nom really made our trip something special! He has excellent knowledge of his country and people. He was a brilliant guide.

Barry (USA) - Oct 2019

Dara Polrith was terrific. I was repeatedly impressed with his knowledge of the history of the country and its detailed facts. A great experience.

Lawrence (USA) - Oct 2019

Srei Omnoth is by far the best tour guide we have ever had, anywhere. Beyond excellent.

Paul (UK) - Oct 2019

Mao Chandara was just so knowledgeable – not just about the monuments, but about the history and culture of the country.

Kaitlin (USA) - Sep 2019

Everything was perfect. Dara Polrith was the absolute best and very knowledgeable. He is the reason we are coming back.

Roth (UK) - Sep 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Aing Solin – she’s an exceptional guide. She went out of her way to be helpful and show us interesting places.

Rupa (UK) - Aug 2019

Nhean Meas was an outstanding guide, very knowledgeable, and shared his information with us very well.

Shani (USA) - Sep 2019

If we return to Siem Reap we will request Pheat Sinath. He listens to his clients interests and has great suggestions. He made best use of our time. We even took part in a wedding procession.

Lee (USA) - Aug 2019

Tep Praseth was perfect! We never felt rushed, we learnt so much. Wonderful. I saw him pick up trash at several temples!

Melanie (USA) - Aug 2019

Thol Rithy was great. He made excellent plans so we avoided crowds and had a great time. He is wonderful with children. His knowledge of history is top notch and kept everything moving along. Also great advice on shopping that supported Cambodia.

Christian (USA) - Aug 2019

Bou Pheakdey was the best guide I had on my entire trip – his knowledge and passion for Phnom Penh was incredible. I consider him a true friend.

Stacy (USA) - Aug 2019

Loeum Noy our guide, exceeded all expectations, he was great, very informative and helpful. We would recommend him, he went above & beyond.

Christina (USA) - Aug 2019

Thol Rithy our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about his work and history. We thank him for his welcome, hospitality and sharing his stories.

The Bourne family (UK) - July 2019

We had a wonderful family holiday in Cambodia… we would recommend Cambodia as a fabulous destination for families. Solin – super guide, excellent for families, kept us super happy discovering the beautiful country that is Cambodia! She provided excellent guiding, her knowledge was amazing, she helped us cope with the heat and also gave us an insight into modern-day Cambodia – she was the highlight of our trip! Her guiding at the temples was excellent, avoiding the crowds, enthralling us with the stories behind the carvings and ensuring our visit was a truly memorable experience.

Siobhan (UK) - July 2019

This trip has surpassed our expectations! It has been the trip of a lifetime! Our guides – Rithy was amazing in Siem Reap and Un Nara, in Phnom Penh, was absolutely lovely and outstanding! All of our trips were brilliant!

Evan (UK) - July 2019

Yin Bunthinh went out of his way to ensure we got everything possible out of our stay in Siem Reap. We have nothing but praise for our guide.

Sara (UK) - July 2019

Sophoan is a brilliant, most thoughtful, caring and respectful guide. She has truly given me a sense of peace and wonder of Cambodian life and the surroundings, which will stay with me. Her insights and informed view exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.

Marjorie (USA) - June 2019

Guide Rithy was great. His knowledge and very professional demeanour really made for a wonderful experience. Our biking experience was a lot of fun and a great way to see the temples and countryside.

Penelope & Stuart (USA) - June 2019

Guide Chhim Sopheap went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. He knew his subjects well and was passionate about them. Very good indeed, and in driver Pheab, we always felt relaxed and in good hands.

Thomas (USA) - June 2019

Our guide Rithy is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He is also very helpful and catered for our needs. He has been our best guide ever!

Jackson (USA) - May 2019

Guide Mao Chandara is delightful and the perfect Siem Reap ambassador for our first trip to Cambodia. 100% we will definitely return and work with Hanuman!

Rachel (USA) - May 2019

Guide Darapolrith went above and beyond with his time, consideration and knowledge – 5* guiding! Getting to Pre Rup early and his knowledge made it very memorable. Our driver, Sypha, was amazing and his English was excellent!

Patrick (USA) - May 2019

It was all incredible. Our guide Tep Praseth was amazing! Very knowledgeable and a good sense of humour too. He was very informed on when to arrive at the temples to avoid the crowds, which we appreciated.

Andrew (UK) - May 2019

Solin is an incredible tour guide – great English, highly educated, sensitive to our needs and able to portray what it means to be Cambodian. Please use her as often as you can! She is amazing!

Courtney (USA) – May 2019

We had a wonderful time. Guide Tep Praseth was exceptional. Outstanding service and wonderful insights on Cambodian history and culture. Praseth and driver Vynara are the best! Our tour of Siem Reap on a vespa at night was one of the most fun activities I have ever experienced.

Nikhil & Sarah (UK) – May 2019

Loved every minute of it, would highly recommend, 100%. Our guide, Rin Nom has been the best guide of our whole trip, including Vietnam. Excellent in every respect.

Sarah (UK) - April 2019

I would like to take Tep Praseth - our guide - on every holiday! He is so good at his job! Amazing – the best guide we have ever had. I would recommend him to everyone – he made our visit wonderful.

Stephanie (UK) – April 2019

Thank you for giving us the best experience of your beautiful country. The guide, Rithy was wonderful, really cared about his country and our experience. He even collected rubbish we came across as we walked around. Excellent.

Colleen (USA) – April 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and a big part of it was due to the excellent guide we had, Rin Nom. He went above and beyond for us in everything – a real pleasure. I ended up in hospital unexpectedly and Nom was excellent in waiting and assisting us in this emergency.

Jonathan & Natasha (UK) - April 2019

Guide Rithy was excellent – he was lovely, kind and patient with us! We had a wonderful time – Thank You!

Bev & Pete (UK) – April 2019

Our guide Rithy was excellent. Very knowledgeable, kind and patient, We would recommend him to any visitor to Cambodia.

Nicola (UK) – April 2019

Our guide, Koy Sorya, was really passionate and knowledgeable about Cambodia and its history. Extremely aware of our needs and willing to arrange anything for our trip to be successful. An excellent asset to your company! He was amazing. Please be aware of what a great member of staff you have in Sorya!

Julie (UK) – April 2019

We had a wonderful time in Cambodia. We were very well looked after and the sites were amazing. We will come back again. We had Solin as our guide and she was very knowledgeable and her English was impeccable. Excellent.

Terence & Alison (UK) – April 2019

Our guide Von Syden was excellent – very calm, peaceful, respectful and very knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him, and our driver Sokna.

Randy & Deb (USA) – April 2019

We loved our guide Solin and would recommend her to everyone we know! If we return, we will request her again! She was one of the best guides we have ever had in the world!