The ultimate in exclusive beach resorts takes Cambodia to another level


24 villas, including overwater villas, beach villas and jungle villas.


Restaurants, over-water cocktail lounge, jungle wellness centre.


Located on a pair of private islands off the coast of Sihanoukville.

From the hotel

Stop… Breathe… Rejuvenate... in our overwater, jungle and beach sanctuaries. Song Saa Private Island is as seductive as the name implies. Think intimate. Think luxurious. But above all think harmony – with all the elements of nature that make this place so special.

From Hanuman

Song Saa promises to redefine luxury for the Cambodian coast. The ‘always included’ model ensures you can leave the wallet behind and indulge in a relaxing stay in their signature villas. Activities include diving on protected reefs and a jungle spa. Special.