Who and what:

Artisans Angkor promotes the sustainable development of Cambodian arts and crafts to benefit rural communities. It provides training to young Cambodians, enabling them to rediscover lost talents and make a living in their home villages. It has created over 1,000 jobs, including 624 craftsmen. The craftsmen have formed an association known as Artisanat Khmer. 

The experience:

Visit one of the many Artisans Angkor showrooms and support their project through the purchase of exquisite and high quality artisans and handicrafts. These can be found in town, in front of Angkor Wat and at the airports. Visit the silk farm and watch the silk evolve from pupae to fine finished product..

From Hanuman:

Artisans Angkor is one of the most successful craft revitalisation projects in Cambodia. The showroom opposite Angkor Wat is a delightful place to unwind after exploring the world's largest religious building, including an air-conditioned cafe. The original Chantiers Ecoles in Siem Reap is a great place to see the arts and crafts being carefully made. For those with an interest in textiles, the Pouk silk farm is a wonderful experience.