Who and what:

The Elephant Valley Project’s main aim is to provide a safe location away from the villages to treat sick and injured elephants. Our lessons, training, and environs are very similar to that which local mahouts encounter in their villages. The development of ecotourism helps support these activities.

The experience:

Visit the valley for the day and enjoy a “walking with the herd experience”. Observe these social animals enjoying one another and interacting as they would in the wild. At the end of the day, take the elephants to the river and give them a scrub. Stay overnight in the ancient forest and really get to know the personalities of these majestic beasts.

From Hanuman:

This is one of the most exciting projects we support in provincial Cambodia. Renting farmland and elephants from the Bunong minority to create a recuparative environment for these former working elephants, a visit here is to know and understand elephants. Walking with the herd is more akin to the mountain gorilla experience of East Africa than simply riding them as in other parts of Asia.

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