Who and what:

Epic Arts aims to change people’s attitudes towards disability. We hope to nurture the abilities of those usually termed disabled by society through arts workshops and an arts café. Our workshops provide an environment where disabled and able-bodied people can interact, build confidence and express themselves creatively. The arts café, employs deaf and disabled persons.

The experience:

Stop by the Epic Arts Café for delicious homemade cakes, fresh coffee and smoothies. Purchase souvenirs such as Kampot pepper or postcards made by the local disabled. Visit the new Epic Arts Centre for a tour or check dates of local performances.

From Hanuman:

Stop by the Epic Arts Café for a cake, shake or light meal. Our favourites includes the carrot cake and the sticky date cake. It's a great place to put together a picnic for an ascent of Bokor Mountain. Meet some friendly Khmers, learn a bit of sign language or check out the arts centre. Keep an eye out for theatre or dance performances around the country during your stay in Cambodia.