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Who and what:

The Mekong Discovery Trail takes you into the heart of the Mekong where the beauty of the river and the friendliness of the people create unforgettable river life experiences in northeast Cambodia. The Mekong Discovery Trail is a network of safe, ecotourism journeys through some of the most natural and least populated parts of the Mekong. 

The experience:

Mekong River dolphin spotting is a popular activity and offers a fantastic chance to catch a rare glimpse of this rare endangered species. Take a relaxed cycle through pretty local villages and rice fields or kayak through the flooded forest near Kratie or Preah Rumkel on the Laos-Cambodia border, where the Mekong River is at its very widest. 

From Hanuman:

The Mekong Discovery Trail is a great initiative to open up an impoverished and under-visited area of Northern Cambodia. Hanuman has been a strong supporter of this project from the outset and has tried to assist in opening up the area to higher end visitors with adventure and kayaking trips. The rare river dolphins are a highlight, but the Mekong River and villages in this area provide a beautiful backdrop to your journey.