Who and what:

PSE aims to rescue Cambodian children who are forced to scavenge through the rubbish dumps to survive. 1000 children who have missed part of their schooling are given education to allow them to catch up. Around 5000 other children are supported in public schools around the city. Children receive daily meals and showers. Families also benefit from daily medical care.

The experience:

Visit our main centre, located on the way to the Killing Fields. It incorporates our handicraft shop, spa and vocational training restaurant. Enjoy a meal at Le Lotus Blanc, our training restaurant on the campus. Enjoy the services of our spa, which includes traditional Khmer massage and haircut.

From Hanuman:

PSE was the first organisation to work with children from the dump. A vision of hell, the dump was a very dangerous environment for scavenging children, rife with disease and prone to sudden collapse. PSE has given the chidren access to education and healthcare and set up a range of vocational training programmes to help them to a new life. Visit the the dump, the training centre and enjoy lunch at Le Lotus Blanc.