Around Halong Bay


Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam


2 days, 1 night or 3 days, 2 nights


Violet 6, Ginger 10, Jasmine 24, including suites


Dining room, bar, lounge, sun deck, library

From the cruise:

The Halong Ginger, Halong Jasmine and Halong Violet, like the plants they were named after, are perfectly suited to the environment. With its golden sails, polished woodwork and refined Asian decor, private dock & waiting lounge, and longer cruising loops, Cruise Halong truly offers an unforgettable ambiance of relaxed elegance.

From Hanuman:

Cruise Halong reinvented luxury with the arrival of the Halong Ginger and now have three elegant boats exploring the bay. Cabins are stylish and the food is very well-regarded on board, including sumptuous seafood feasts. Opt for a two-nighter to explore the beauty of the bay in depth.