Pakse to Si Phan Don


Mekong River, Southern Laos


3 days, 2 nights


12 cabins with air-conditioning and ensuite


Dining room, bar, sun deck

From the cruise:

Embrace the beauty and power of the Mekong and the exotic mystique of ancient Khmer ruins aboard this river-borne boutique hotel as you cruise the magical landscapes of southern Laos. The awe-inspiring ruins of the mountain temple of Vat Phou and the magical 4,000 islands of sleepy Si Phan Don are just two of the jewels that await you.

From Hanuman:

This converted rice barge is a relaxed way to explore the sleepy waters of Southern Laos. Accommodation is comfortable and the public areas spacious. The cruise includes the lesser visited Khmer temple of Uo Muong, as well as the most popular islands of Si Phan Don.