Upscale rural resort with traditional Lao motifs and modern comforts


24 rooms set in 12 traditionally-designed bungalows


Riverview restaurant and bar. Swimming pool. Massage. Free wi-fi.


The lodge is located Don Daeng Island in the Mekong River

From the hotel

Located in an area where exceptional natural beauty and unspoilt charm combine with areas of significant cultural interest, La Folie Lodge sits on a secluded beach facing the ancient Khmer temple of Wat Phou. In this idyllic spot, we provide a refined, welcoming atmosphere with international-class facilities.

From Hanuman

Arguably the most atmopsheric accommodation in Southern Laos, all rooms are beautifully finished in tropical woods and feature a veranda with views towards the Mekong River and the ancient Khmer temple of Wat Phu. The swimming pool is a welcome touch on a hot day. The restaurant serves traditional Lao and French cuisine. The lodge also supports local community initiatives.