Who and what:

In Laos, if you need an artificial limb, a limb support device, a walking aid or a wheelchair, you go to COPE (Co-operative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise). COPE is the main source of these devices in the country and serves those injured by unexploded ordonance (UXO). The number of patients we serve has risen to 1500 a year. All services are free of charge.

The experience:

Visit the COPE Centre and learn about UXO in Lao. You can also see the range of devices that we produce for victims of UXO. Visitors can meet our Lao staff and find out about their vision and commitment to rehabilitating Lao victims of UXO. You can also purchase some funky souvenirs.

From Hanuman:

Many of the people that COPE treat are victims of the UXO that litters many parts of Laos, but others have been affected by traffic accidents or disease. Considering the graveness of the injuries and disabilities these people face, the Cope Centre is an optimistic place and the work they do is truly inspiring. Pick up a keepsake, including original t-shirts, unique postcards or some organic Lao coffee.