Who and what:

Tamarind is a local restaurant serving the country's unique cuisine and arranges cooking classes and demonstrations of Lao food and customs. We also arrange sell local products, educate diners with our menu and provide explanations of the dishes we serve. We use locally sourced recipes gathered by staff, their families and friends and purchase produce from small local suppliers. 

The experience:

Take a culinary tour of Laos in our restaurant. Our menu offers original Luang Prabang delicacies. Learn to cook Luang Prabang cuisine in our unique riverside location. Purchase a wide range of gift-packaged foods: teas, mixed spices and seeds grown and packaged by local people. 

From Hanuman:

The Tamarind is one of the best restaurants in Luang Prabang for traditional Lao fare. Sample a range of authentic recipes or try one of their banquet nights when you can feast on a whole baked river fish. Sign up for a cooking class to take a little piece of Laos home with you. Ask your friends around for a Lao meal and you can ambush them with your holiday snaps at the same time.