Who and what:

Poaching, logging and slash-and-burn farming are destroying primary forest and its inhabitants in Asia. To solve this problem, we build treehouses and a network of zip lines through the canopy of Bokeo Nature Reserve. We provide accomodation in the treetops and local guides ‘fly’ you over the forest to meet the wildlife. The funds are reinvested to protect the forest. 

The experience:

Gain exclusive access to Bokeo Nature Reserve and its inhabitants. Live with the wildlife in accommodation in a canopy level tree house with spectacular views. Enjoy delicious snacks and fire cooked meals. Enjoy unlimited access to explore the forest with local guides eager to show you the forest.

From Hanuman:

This is monkey business of the highest order. The first such zipline and treehouse project established in Laos, the Gibbon Experience is an incredible adventure for those who want to get closer to nature. 'Fly' through the jungle canopy like a long-armed gibbon and spend the night in the treetops in an eco-friendly treehouse. This is one of those experiences you will never forget.