Who and what:

Shwe Sa Bwe is a restaurant training center. Students come from modest background and receive free of charge courses. Shwe Sa Bwe has its own training hotel and restaurant, which welcome guests and allow students to acquire real-life experience under the watchful eyes of experienced teachers

The experience:

Dine on fine European cuisine in this celebrated training restaurant near Inya Lake in Yangon. Dining here will help to build the experience of students in the hospitality industry and many of them go on to work in leading hotels and restaurants in Myanmar. So eating at Shwe Sa Bwe is helping to build the hospitality industry in the country. 

From Hanuman:

Similar in concept to the successful Friends and Romdeng Restaurants in Phnom Penh or Mak Phet in Vientiane, Shwe Sa Bwe is a unique training restaurant. Located in a splendid villa near to Inya Lake, Shwe Sa Bwe is a foundation set up to help diadvantaged young people acquire training and develpment in the catering and hospitality industry. The restaurant offers both inside and al fresco dining.