Boutique resort drawing heavily on local heritage and contemporary design


96 Individual villas, houses and suites


Stylish restaurants and bars, large pool, tennis courts, spa, fishing pond


Pilgrimage Village is set in the lush countryside around Hue

From the hotel

Pilgrimage Village offers the harmony of a soothing natural environment and local culture. Delicious meals, sound sleep, and the peaceful life of our countryside combine to refresh your spirits and help to forget the troubles of life. It is also a place where skillful artists create authentic works that reflect the culture of Hue.

From Hanuman

Offering the atmosphere of a chic country retreat, Pilgrimage Village is surprisingly close to the imperial city of Hue. Rooms are set in contemporary Vietnamese dwellings and include some luxurious pools suites for honeymooners. Wining and dining options include striking Junreh Restaurant and the trendy Slope Lounge.