Who and what:

Craft Link is the leading not-for-profit organisation working with ethnic minority craftspeople in Vietnam. We support marginalised and impoverished communities through the sale of unique, Vietnamese handicrafts. We are working with 55 producer groups including 5,000 artisans, most of whom are ethnic minorities, street children, artisans with disabilities, and artisans living in remote rural areas.

The experience:

Visit our showrooms in Hanoi (two locations at 43 and 51 Van Mieu, close to KOTO and Temple of Literature) and at The Museum of Ethnology. Purchase beautiful and unique handicrafts made by ethnic minorities, disabled artisans and former street children.

From Hanuman:

Craftlink boutiques are conveniently located opposite the popular Temple of Literature, close to one of our favourite restaurants in Hanoi, KOTO. The boutiques stock a wide variety of handicrafts made by Vietnam's ethnic minority communities. Popular items include original pottery, embroidered cloth that can be used as throws or hangings, and colourful shopping bags.