Who and what:

Hoa Sua is a vocational school offering tourism and hospitality training in Hanoi. Our objective is to contribute to the fight against poverty in Vietnam by training young people, especially disadvantaged and disabled youth. Established in 1994, to date the school has helped nearly 4,000 youth find stable jobs. Every year, the school recruits 500 young people who live in difficult circumstances. 

The experience:

Visit Hoa Sua restaurant (28A Ha Hoi) for a classy French or Asian set menu in a beautiful French colonial-era property. Everything that you eat in these places has been made by the students as part of their training. Attend our Vietnamese cooking classes and learn about the country's gastronomic culture.

From Hanuman:

Hoa Sua is a very successful vocation training restaurant offering students a helping hand into hospitality. Cooking classes are an excellent way to discover the secrets of the Vietnamese kitchen and include tips on beautiful presentation. The restaurant offers set menus of French and Vietnamese cuisine, plus there are other enterprises dotted about the city, including Baguette & Chocolat.