Who and what:

KOTO (standing for Know One, Teach One) is a not-for-profit restaurant and vocational training program that is changing the lives of street children and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam. We believe in the right of every young person to live their lives with skills, dignity and pride. Every six months we recruit 25 to 30 trainees in our 24-month programme. 

The experience:

Dine at KOTO, where we serve a selection of Vietnamese delicacies and international dishes. Proceeds from the restaurant go towards supporting KOTO. Attend KOTO cooking classes and learn the secrets of ancient Vietnamese cuisine. Visit KOTO Training Center and speak to students to find out about their aspirations.

From Hanuman:

Founded by one of our old friends, former tour leader Jimmy Pham, KOTO is a vocational training restaurant that played host to then President Bill Clinton on his visit to Vietnam. Set over four floors, it offers delicious food and includes a rooftop bar for sundowner cocktails. KOTO also offers cooking classes, which is a great way to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine and help the Vietnamese at the same time.