Who and what:

FXB has provided essential assistance in Myanmar since 1992. In Shwe Pyi Thar (township of Yangon), more than 100 students are annually trained in weaving, tailoring, interior decoration, furniture making, as well as metal and wood work. The training allows them to acquire the needed skills to find a job in a factory or to open their own workshop.

The experience:

The FXB showroom is located in downtown Yangon and sells tapestries, curtains, furniture, clothes and toys, made by 40 people holding a FXB training diploma. The profits are used for their salaries, to buy raw materials, and to provide a small allowance to FXB’s apprentices

From Hanuman:

AFXB is a French NGO that offers training and development to poor HIV positive women in the art of handicrafts and textiles, including woodwork and metalwork. The NGO aims to fight poverty and AIDS by strengthening the social and economic capacities of families and communities at a grass root level. Their work is on display in this shop and any money spent here goes directly to support the charity's work.