Remote and isolated ecolodge laid out like a traditional minority village


30 stilt houses designed like Tay minority dwellings


Restaurant and bar, traditional spa with Lu Mien minority treatments


Located in remote Huang Su Phi District, part of Ha Giang Province

From the hotel

This might be exactly what you are looking for: a lost valley. Pan Hou Village is hidden at the heart of the Song Chay Mountains. The Ha Giang province is the last to open to tourism. Virgin forests and mountains sculpted by breathtaking canyons. These majestic landscapes shelter the largest diversity of ethnic minorities in Vietnam

From Hanuman

For adventurous spirits travelling off the beaten path, Pan Hou is an atmospheric experience. Located in remote and beautiful Ha Giang Province, the final frontier of adventure travel in Vietnam, this lodge is an incredible way to experience local life amid stunning scenery. Rustic and simple, but a real eco-friendly experience.