Luxurious, low-rise boutique resort with temple ruins as a backdrop


114 rooms, including Jasmine, Lotus, Orchid, Palm Tree & Island Villas


Xanadu & Theme Restaurants, Pool Bar, swimming pool, Nature Spa


Under the shadow of the Bagan Viewing Tower in the centre of the ruins

From the hotel

Acknowledged by many to be the best resort hotel in Myanmar, this sprawling property of upscale rooms overlooks a breath-taking scene of Bagan’s pagoda-studded landscape across a lotus-dappled lake. The towering teak-pillared grand lobby and the restaurant lend regal splendor to the deluxe villas, all of which include top-of-the-line amenities.

From Hanuman

The original five-star resort to open its doors in Bagan, the extensive grounds are dotted with tasteful rooms and villas. An extension made it more accessible to all with 42 deluxe rooms with their own swimming pool . This is the good news. The bad news is that it stands close to the 60m-high Bagan Viewing Tower which is a bit of an eyesore compared to the ancient temples in the area.