Who and what:

Flavours of Myanmar in Yangon provides learning activities and cooking classes to introduce Myanmar cuisine and culture to visitors. Programmes conducted by Flavours of Myanmar are especially designed for participants to experience food‐focused culinary activities and to enjoy real-life cultural experiences. 

The experience:

The programs are conducted by Conde Nast Traveler's World Top Travel specialist William Myatwuuna, an experienced chef and presenter who speak good command of English language. You will be fascinated by the real-life stories he shares with you based on his first-hand experience. Flavours of Myanmar makes sure each component during the programs will be pleasantly entertaining and effectively educating to all participants.

From Hanuman:

Run by local travel company Good News Travels, this is a half-day cooking class that offers a popular way to mix up a classic city itinerary in Yangon. Starting at 8am with a visit to the lively market in the city, the dishes are prepared in an al-fresco kitchen in town. Additional food is packed and prepared for the monks at the local monastery.