Who and what:

Founded in 1920, Mary Chapman School for the deaf is a Teachers’ Training College and School that helps deaf locals learn speech reading and sign language. It is the leading centre of learning for the deaf population in Yangon and has been educating local Burmese for nearly a century since its founding.

The experience:

The Mary Chapman School has gradually grown over the years and currently they house 155 children in their boarding school and educate over 300 kids per day. Most of the children living there are from very poor families, of which the parents can not afford the cost per child. The children are mostly smaller children and cheerful, but in dying need of support for food, cloths and improved accommodation.

From Hanuman:

The Mary Chapman School for the deaf is located in Yangon’s Dagon township. It’s home to around 360 deaf students who learn speech reading, finger spelling and sign language. Tour the facilities, meet the teachers and engage with the students in the class. Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated, including meals, furniture, stationary, school uniforms, soaps or even a sponsorship for a child.