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Who and what:

The region from Bagan to Mandalay is considered a 'dry zone' and increasing the tree count in this area will help prevent erosion, benefit the agricultural community and provide shade and shelter for the locals. With the help of the locals, plant a sapling. The experience is a memorable one thanks to the interaction with the villagers.

The experience:

Help the reforestation programme around the arid plains of Bagan by planting a tree during your visit to these iconic temples. There are several small nurseries underway around the Bagan area and it is possible to leave a lasting mark on the region with the growth of a tree. 

From Hanuman:

Visitors can help the local agricultural economy of the area surrounding Bagan. One of the driest areas in Myanmar, planting trees is a vital way to help prevent soil erosion. Visit one of the outlying villages and plant a small sapling. Once the tree is planted, and long after you have returned home, Hanuman will ensure that the sapling is watered and nurtured until it reaches full maturity.